Great leaders contagiously spread their positive energy to everyone around them. How are you transforming others?

Be ready to ignite passion in your people. We integrate the philosophies and apply the tools we've learned to drive others within reach to make themselves accountable for life fulfillment – resulting in a dynamic culture of camaraderie, ingenuity and productivity.

Your brand is your culture; your culture is your brand.
— William Taylor, Cofounder of Fast Company

Cultures are not built on human capital or tangible assets. Cultures are created by the verve shared by the people responsible for the cause or vision of the business. The energy we each exhibit is our most valuable and personal resource. You cannot fake a culture. It requires everyone to be radiating at a similar level. A plentiful culture is exhibited when you gauge a similar level of enthusiasm from your C-Suite as you do from your interns.

The return on investment in your teams will pay significant dividends as US companies are losing hundreds of billions of dollars on lax productivity and dissatisfaction in the workplace. Not to mention battling The World Health Organizations estimation that one-tenth of the adult population is suffering from clinical depression. How is that affecting your bottom-line? Are we able to mitigate by identifying potential red flags in the recruitment process? Equally important, may we personally impact others to better process these life challenges and reach a point of life fulfillment that will of course bleed into the value they contribute to the business, the vision and the culture.

A keen focus on culture is mission critical to the bottom-line and future success of your business. In our work together, we’ll review the key areas that contribute to the overarching culture you wish to exhibit.

  • Defining Brand Identity
  • Being a True, Authentic Self at work and at play
  • Recognizing Emotional Intelligence!
  • Embracing Individuality  
  • Living by the shared Vision, Goals, and Values
  • Celebrating milestones
  • Viewing Challenges as Opportunity
  • Raising your business’ E-Factor, the average Resonating Level of Energy (ARL)

Culture is the true pulse of brand identity and therefore the verbal and visual platform upon which we tell our unique story to the world. It is enormously powerful. By bringing it to life in a consistent and emotive way, who knows the extent of attention we’ll capture from future recruits, new clients, expansion opportunities and more.  

Why wait? I welcome an opportunity to elevate you and your business to the most vibrant level of vitality and ingenuity.