“The saying is ‘we wouldn’t be where we are without her’; the truth is we’d be nowhere without Emily.” 

Jeff P., Former CEO of Surf Air, Exclusive Resorts and Frontier Airlines

It's a personal journey. The outcome is the purest version of YOU. We will dive into the whole you and the life you wish for yourself then maximize your energy so that it properly radiates for you and offers a strategic ripple effect leading every aspect of your life.

Em'Power You to:

  • Wow yourself with your Ultimate Vision and Goals
  • Be accountable for life happiness as only you may define it
  • Tap into full use of your mind’s potential by understanding how it achieves success
  • Live by your intuitive self
  • Remove distraction, triggers and doubt
  • Be fearless
  • Set your autopilot on the right course
  • Identify sensible tools
  • Practice. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Apply the approach throughout your entire life
  • Integrate your learnings into building a culture of happy and fulfilled people



Whole Life Strategist

We find clarity as you utilize full capacity of your mind, uncovering hidden talents and desires, to redirect your path. We remove clutter that works against you and build an impenetrable shield to protect from the stream of distractions holding you back. Let's disrupt an industry? Awaken a relationship? You have it in you. We'll draw it out.