I was overwhelmed by the stress of spending life alone; supporting myself while never reaching financial freedom. I felt undervalued as I invested countless hours into what seemed a company with a potentially grim future.  I wished for a healthier routine and diet to sustain a more balanced lifestyle. I conceded to many nights of popcorn for dinner and experienced guilt from not going to the gym enough. And, I was consumed by thought and external pressures that if I continued to marry myself to work then how would I ever find someone to share in life and ultimately start a family.

The world however perceived a far happier existence … An advancing career in a lavish industry that had me jet-setting across the globe. Continuous praise and recognition for my accomplishments. An active social life. Stylish wardrobe paired with a smile. The unique ability to achieve anything I wished for myself. A life of spontaneity and adventure.

“Why burden the world with my pain?”

My family was unfortunately the outlet and experienced my hurt. They would describe me to themselves as aloof, superficial, distant, blunt, judgmental … The reality is I was consumed by sadness and resentment. I felt victimized. I was ultimately defeated by the life I’d been presented. My glimpse of hope was recognizing that if the perception and the reality were one in the same then I’d be singing a different tune. I WAS in fact traveling the world. Meeting fabulous people. Receiving praise and promotion for my contributions at the office.

"Why was my translation so bleak?"

No one tells us how to navigate through life once we are an adult.  It's all through trial and error. I sought assistance, and equally important, made a conscious decision to become accountable for my life fulfillment.

It will not happen overnight by any means. I was pleasantly surprised however as I never imagined all that could happen with a deliberate shift in mindset.

Consider me the Super Achiever of Life Fulfillment.

Seriously. The newly found sense of contentment and enthusiasm for life radiates from within me today. My growing fascination for the mind, elevated levels of energy and infinite fulfillment have driven me here to impact others in a similar and scalable fashion.

If we are all accountable for pursuing our dreams, what change will we see in our lifetime?